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Business Analytics
Achieve Sustainable Performance Improvement
Improve your operational workflows, profit margin, accountability, and reporting
Correctional Facility Direct Adjudication & Billing
Customized fee schedules, integrated reporting, and trending
Rx History
What is the "Keystone" to your Medication Management Workflow
Gain a more complete prescription history with enhanced features
340b Auditing
Can you verify that the 340b Drugs are not Diverted to your Inpatients?
Do you have dynamic 340b policies and procedures that fully cover the scope of your program, reflect the execution of your program, and describe your implemented compliance safeguards?

Business Solutions

Veridikal is a company focused on business analytics and auditing services in the Healthcare Industry, including Federal and State Government and Pharmacy Business Sectors. Veridikal provides services to both providersand businesses with a unique approach and solution sets that fit their unique needs.

Why choose Veridikal

Solution Set: Organizations choose our Solution set for its advanced technical capabilities, sophisticated analytics, superior data and user scalability — all while improving the level and variety of services delivered to clients. We provide integrated reporting, claims analysis, and monitoring while ensuring compliance with patient privacy and data security regulations.
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Strength in Numbers: Today, four of the top eight top Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), fifteen of the top twenty Pharmacy Information Systems, three of the top five Drug Wholesalers, and hundreds of healthcare providers rely on our services for supporting their reporting, analysis, and monitoring of wide-ranging healthcare data.

Who we work with: Veridikal has a broad spectrum of Classes of Trade and Healthcare Sectors including Healthcare Providers (All types - IDN, For-Profit, Non-For-Profit, Public, and Community), Pharmacy Business Sector (All Classes of Trade), Payers/Government/State Organizations, Employers/Self Insured Plans, and Business to Business Relationships.
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