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About Us

Company Name

Veridikal comes from the term Veridical, as defined in the Dictionary:
ve-rid-i-cal [vuh-rid-i-kuhl] – adjective 1. Truthful; Veracious. 2. Corresponding to facts; not illusory; real; actual; genuine.

Our Technology

Veridikal is a next generation technology company that is deploying critical system integration and solutions to our customers. The Company has made and continues to make significant investments in technology, process improvements and finding the right professionals. Veridikal uses a powerful, scalable analytics engine that allows us to quickly analyze high volumes of live data, maintain large sets of live information, and deliver results across the wide spectrum of dimensions and metrics.

Every organization has an escalating volume of “live” data that represents the pulse of the business environment, and can provide valuable insight into revenue opportunities and threats. Simple examples of this are all around us:

  • Pharmacy adjudication is a fast moving and is completed on a real-time system and pharmacy technicians do not understand all of the compliance regulations, reimbursement expectations, supply chain options, and formulary options for margin optimization. Veridikal provides real-time feedback and compliance, performance, and reimbursement alerts to help guide the pharmacy technician at the point of sale.
  • Business analytics using event pricing is a method of tracking and analyzing (processing) streams of information (data) and transactions (events), and deriving a conclusion from them. Complex Event Processing or CEP, is event processing that combines data from multiple sources to infer event or patterns that suggest more complicated circumstances. The goal of CEP is to identify meaningful events (such as opportunities or threats) and respond to them as quickly as possible.
  • Contract Management teams are working with legacy workflow processes that do not provide them insight into real-time 835 trending, fees/adjustments, audits, reimbursement trends, error rations, financial reporting and modeling, and exception reporting. Veridikal is changing the way that decision support and business analytic.
  • Driving new technology capabilities to improve patient data through RxView and prescription histories to dramatically improve the medication reconciliation workflow processes and start the transitional care process out right.

In each case, the high-volume, fast changing data contains critical insights into impactful actions the organization can perform to execute more swiftly.

Why Choose Veridikal

Organizations choose our Solution set for its advanced technical capabilities, sophisticated analytics, superior data and user scalability — all while improving the level and variety of services delivered to clients. We provide integrated reporting, claims analysis, and monitoring while ensuring compliance with patient privacy and data security regulations.

Today, four of the top eight top Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), fifteen of the top twenty Pharmacy Information Systems, three of the top five Drug Wholesalers, and hundreds of healthcare providers rely on this Solution Set for supporting their reporting, analysis, and monitoring of wide-ranging healthcare data.

Learn how we will change your perspective and drive performance for your organization.

Our Mission

Veridikal proceeds in the belief that organizations in certain sectors - health care, education, and government among them - have a charter above commerce, but preserving this higher calling requires an unyielding insistence on improvement. Our mission is to surface and secure economies of intellect on behalf of Client organizations - discerning “True North,” communicating these insights and best practices with clarity, and providing innovative services such that our Clients will set compass and elevate performance and financial improvement accordingly. Through our management services and products clients improve their cash flow, improve performance, and ensure compliance with a healthy return on investment. Veridikal provides unique cost savings through our business processes and automation that allows for better information, improved accuracy, and the right information at the right time.

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